Free Chess Training


Welcome to the Street Chess free online training site. The site contains a couple of pages that let you develop your chess skills. At this stage the site is in the alpha/beta development stage, but as more people use it, I will hopefully expand the features

Training Pages

Look Ahead Training

Look ahead training involves identifying all the forcing moves in a position. Forcing moves are checks, captures and promotions. You will be shown a position from a game, plus a number of moves beyond that position. Your goal is to identify the forcing moves after the extra moves have been played (for the side to move). You will be graded on the number of correct moves, the number of wrong moves, and the number of missing moves. Moves are entered as Short Algebraic Notation (SAN), and need to match the move identically (eg x for capture, + for check, = for promotion etc)

After you have entered your moves, the game will move ahead 1 move (so you alternate sides). A running tally is kept during the exercise, but not retained if you exit the page. Exiting or refreshing the page will restart the exercise

Evaluation Training

Evaluation training asks you to decide which side has the advantage in a number of areas.

Additional features will be added later

Search and Evaluate

Search and evluation training combines both previous training exercises. Given a position plus some additional moves, you have to evaluate who has the advantage based on the positional features.

Future features

Once the current exercises are tested and implemented, additional training exercises could be added. These could include randomised position selection (instead of following a single game), and a 'Choose Your Move' page