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About Street Chess

Street Chess is a weekly chess tournament that has been running in Canberra for over 20 years. It is held almost every Saturday with the exception of either an ACT Chess weekend tournament being held on the same day (e.g. the Doeberl Cup), or if Christmas Day falls on a Saturday.

Where to Find Us

Street Chess is played outside of King O'Malley's Pub in Civic, Canberra

Street Chess is held in the Beer Garden outside of King O’Malley’s Pub in Civic, ACT (see the map above for clarification). In winter or days where it is raining you will find us either inside at the front of the pub or in City Walk, which the arcade to the left of King O’Malley’s.

If you are coming by car, there are multiple parking spaces in the London Circuit car parks which are walking distance from the venue. Otherwise, if you are catching a bus, there are multiple services from different areas in Canberra provided by ACTION buses that drop players off less than a minute walk from the venue (just visit the ACTION bus website at and search for City Bus Station).

Fancy a bite to eat before or during the tournament? The food from one of the sponsors, Chicken Gourmet, is delicious, fast and good value for money. Their $5 bacon and egg roll deal including a free coffee or hot chocolate, or their chicken and chips, are both quite popular amongst the players.

There is also pub food served in King O’Malleys Pub (the other sponsor) which is great if you are looking for something more filling/healthy.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for the tournament is $5. Players 16 years of age and younger can enter for only $1. If you don't want to join the tournament you can play a free game or two against some non-tournament players - it's free!

Tournament Format

The tournament is a 7 round event using Swiss Pairing rules (meaning no-one is eliminated through the day) and the tournament uses the FIDE Rules of Chess. The time limit is G/15 (you have 15 minutes for all of your moves). All players are eligible for the place prizes, while players seeded in the bottom half of the tournament are eligible for the Lower Half prize.


Thanks to the generous sponsorship by King O’Malley’s and Chicken Gourmet, the tournament offers a guaranteed prize pool of $100 per week. The prize distribution is:

Contact Details

For more information please email Shaun Press